Taking The Gifts Out For A Spin

February 9, 2021

We had not been out to the island since the end of October, the longest we have ever been away. In our big walk-in closet in town sits two L.L. Bean bags with WestWard monogrammed on them. It is what we carry things back & forth in. From clothes to linens to food, you name it. It is often like a treasure hunt digging in as we put things in the bags and sometimes forget about them. This year they were filled with Christmas gifts from friends that I absolutely had not forgotten what was in said bags. I could not wait to get to the house to unpack and set a table! Anticipation can be such a delicious thing. A quick stop at our beloved Forest Garden Farm stand for provisions which included these flowering Pluot branches that grace the table. Then the gifts started to get unpacked, adding an incredibly special layer of love to this table setting. A vintage Wedgwood platter with a ship motif, divine personalized napkins, a salt cellar—the trio fitting right in amongst our other things collected or given to us over the years. It felt like Christmas all over again.