Dreamy Dancing Poppies

March 19, 2021

Flower Friday all about a dancing group of pretty poppies. I found a vintage test tube holder ages ago and have wanted to fill it with blooms. Only challenge, the necks are super thin, making it impossible for most flowers. Poppies were on the list of ones I thought might work. Our friend Catherine picked up a big bundle for me and off I went to give them a try. The first one I tried broke off inside the tube and then stuck inside. Not off to a good start! I sorted through the bunch and picked out the skinniest I could find. Many still encased in their pods, which are so beautiful in and of itself. Many popped open while I was working to get them in the test tubes. Then the magical began. They unfurl so gorgeously. The petals so delicate, like a thin, thin paper. These were for a table setting I shot yesterday for the next book. The colors of the poppies perfect with all that was part of the grouping. Happy Friday all. Spring is almost officially here!