Watson Kennedy Merchandise

March 23, 2021

Just In, a fun round of cotton totes with our Watson Kennedy logo set around the bags. Over the years folks have asked for items they could have as a memento to remember from the shops. It became one of those things on my to-do list but so often I would not find items where I loved the quality and if we were going to have our name it, it had to be stellar. Fast forward to this last year. So many things have fallen into place with a bunch of awesome quality goods that instantly spoke to me where I was thrilled to have the WK name included. These totes are made to order for me here in the US of the highest quality. I adore this bag! The handles are really long so they can go over your shoulder. I chose the colors to be very of the moment of what we have going on right now. A Veuve-y orange to celebrate our new wine section and a red, white and blue version in honor of our fine country. Up next, the best hats/caps I have ever worn, arriving in the coming weeks.