Transforming Tulips

April 9, 2021

Flower Friday this week all about a bunch of tulips that we picked up at one of our favorite farm stands on the island Saturday evening after we closed up the shops and headed over. It was actually two bunches that I combined as I loved the mixture of the blooms in a seriously big way. The stems were pretty long so we enjoyed them in a free formed dancing arrangement on the ottoman as we sat and read that night.

I gave them a fresh cut on Sunday morning, along with fresh water. They were the showstoppers for our Easter supper that night.

Monday was a gloriously sunny day so we took the zinc topped dining table outside. It is the earliest we have ever begun our alfresco meals on the deck. It will stay there until October. Another fresh cut and fresh water for the tulips, my advice for lengthening your enjoyment of them. I do it every day. Here they have started to open more and more. The sun might have had something to do with that!

We have a smaller table that we store up in the shed that becomes our inside table when the long table lives outside during the warm months. The tulips made the trip inside for our visual enjoyment for breakfast the next day. They are getting fuller and fuller and more beautiful each moment. Also a bit tighter and tighter as the stems get cut each day, making them shorter and shorter.

They then made the ferry crossing into town where they made their home on the dining table at our apartment. They have now opened more and more and stop me in my tracks with their sublime beauty. The color is starting to fade which is part of the process I adore. We will get every ounce of enjoyment out of these stems. I hope you do a bit too. Happy Friday! X, Ted