The Power Of One

April 14, 2021

I snapped this image of our boarded up shop windows one year ago today. The process of boarding them up was symbolic to me, going inward to protect oneself. The pandemic has taught us many life lessons. Some we knew, some we did not. Just like life, it was not fair or equal to everyone. It brought many together and my hope, is that it taught us just how important empathy is on a daily basis. Not just during trying times. To put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Which leads me to a thank you. A really big THANK YOU. Owning retail stores was not the easiest thing since this all began. It is heartbreaking to walk around our fine city and see all that has closed in the last year. I have always been such a huge believer in the power of one. How one person can make such a big difference. This post is directed to you. The you that texted me to see how we were holding up. The you that made a point to spend your money with us—be it through our website, a trip into the shop all masked up, or had us run things out to your car. The you that called to check in to see how we were doing when downtown Seattle was at its scariest moments. The you that did your company holiday gifts with us. The you that sent WK care packages to all your family. The you that sent me a note with words of encouragement. The lovely list goes on and on. You were there to help us survive and you have set us up to thrive. For that I will never forget and I will be always eternally grateful. Sending a huge amount of LOVE to you. You know who you are. XX, Ted