A Sea of Geraniums

April 23, 2021

We have had a span of some pretty phenomenal weather up here in our necks of the Pacific Northwest woods. Just typing that makes me smile. Last Friday as we left the shop we headed to Swansons Nursery for a bit of flower & herb heaven. Mister Sive was planting away out on the island last weekend. We loaded up all sorts of treats, but the geraniums are what initially took us there. He called around to a bunch of places asking about scented geraniums. They were one of the only folks who said they had a good variety at the moment. Deers eating up our plants like they are at a smorgasbord can be a big issue at WestWard, as I know it is for many of you too. They stay clear of the scented geraniums. Well, let’s put it this way, they have so far. Major fingers crossed! So we loaded up on a lovely variety and they now fill our pots on the steps down to the house and around our outdoor shower. When I returned the cart back to its spot, I snapped this photo. They are not scented, but I was absolutely smitten with the variety. A few came with us for pots that will grace our dining table. The image just had to be our Flower Friday post. Enjoy. Hope your April weekend is spectacular. We hit our two week after our second shot, fully vaccinated, point tomorrow. If you hear a shout from a happy dance, it will be coming from Seattle! X, T