Hunt & Gather

May 5, 2021

I am constantly on the search for the very best, most interesting goods for Watson Kennedy. It is a daily task that brings me huge joy and a ton of satisfaction. I take that same passion and channel it into objects that surround us at our homes. For years I have been on the hunt for a sterling silver shovel to use as our salt scoop on the dining table at The Gainsborough in town. Some people could poke their head into our lives and say it is filled with lots of ‘stuff’ and turn running for the hills! But to us it is way more than just stuff. Every thing, right down to the smallest of things like this little salt scoop has been given considerable thought and care. It all becomes part of our story. My point to all this is something I have certainly written quite a bit about over the years but I can’t stress it enough. Fill your lives with things that bring you immense joy, right down to the smallest of items. Where everywhere your eye lands brings back a fond memory. Along with a big smile and little flutter in your heart.