TKW Daily Blog Turns 10

May 24, 2021

Oh my, not sure even where to begin with this one. Right out the gate, a big THANK YOU to all of you who have followed along on the daily blog for a day, a year, many or all of the last 10. Ten years! Just typing that gets me teary. It is a reminder to all of us that starting is the most important part. You don’t need to know the final outcome at the beginning. Just enjoy the process all along the way. Whatever it is. Writing these little and not so little posts each morning for the past 10 years about life & style was always meant to be my gift each day to all of you who follow along. A way to spread joy and creativity and gratitude. To share the little moments in a day that make them memorable. We all have them, we just have to see them. My hope has always been that if I show you my moments, they would make you keenly aware of yours. But what I did not expect was how much I would get in return. The amount of love and kindness and connection back has been incredible. Folks from over 40 countries have clicked in to have a look and get a bit of inspiration. You have been witness to my life. From us getting married to fixing up houses and sharing recipes and shop happenings to travels & finds to quotes/thoughts on life, to name just a few. The lesson really, when you give/share, you often get so much in return. That certainly is not my motivation, but it shows the true beauty of truth, openness and kindness. Because of the daily blog I have met folks from around globe. There is rarely a day goes by I don’t get to meet one of you at one of my shops or on our travels. It has been one heck of a 10 years. Add a pandemic into the mix, and it is a ten year span I certainly will never forget. I look forward to sharing with you all for another ten years. It is a source of great joy to begin my day with all of you.

My friend Mimi in Berkeley who I met because of the blog, last week sent me the most awesome e-mail with each post I wrote each year on the birthday/anniversary (never sure which one to call it) of the daily blog. I saved reading it until this morning as I wanted to absorb it all on the day. Today. Thank you darling Mimi, it made my day! It also was a fab reminder of what I requested on the 5th anniversary/birthday which I would like to do again to mark the occasion. The letters, notes and cards arrived from all of the world for months. They still bring me a tremendous amount of happiness, as they are placed all over my life. As bookmarks, on bulletin boards in the shop office, hanging in my closet, propped up on my desk. Because I SO love tradition, I would love to ask this of you again. Here is what I wrote 5 years ago.

I so hope to receive again a card, note or letter from you. We did a shop window around the ones received 5 years ago and I have a fun idea brewing on what to do with the ones received marking the 10th anniversary. Cheers to life, style, creativity, gratitude and to you! Sending a tremendous amount of love your way. Ted