A Martini Lunch Table

June 3, 2021

Above a test shot I took as I was waiting for the light to come around, so wanted to look over the composition & placement of things. This is a table that will be in my upcoming book. Worked pretty much non-stop on all aspects of the book this Hawthorne stay, shooting 6 tables plus other various vignettes. Am calling this one ‘A Martini Lunch’ as I was gifted these lovely green martini glasses by a longtime fab WK customer when Style & Simplicity first came out. Often one thing becomes the impetus for a table. A martini lunch sounded very ‘Old School’ which I loved instantly. The tablecloth and napkins along with the geranium topiary picked up in Millbrook on this visit. Knew they would be perfect for this table. Lots of planting and other projects happened while we were there. A large white wooden 3 slat fence was built at the front of the property and is so darn handsome. You can see a bit of it out of the windows to the right. These type of fences are super popular in that neck of the woods, where many farms use them. It is all part of our ‘putting the farm back together’ concept we have since we acquired Little Hawthorne and the rest of the land that made up the original farm before things were split and parceled out. When we are back in August I will show you around all the plantings as things will have settled and grown in for a few months. Little by little, things both outside and in, are coming together. Lots of these projects were slated for last year, so we feel like we are making up for lost time. The second half of my manuscript is due to my publisher on September 1st, so a busy few months awaits. Such a pleasure having you all along on this next book adventure!