How To Read Water

July 14, 2021

We have been carrying this very cool book How To Read Water at the shops and one made its way home. Growing up in the Midwest where living on the water was not common, in my adulthood it became a huge goal. I find great comfort being by water. I don’t need to be swimming in it but rather be taken in by the sounds and the sight of it. This book delves into the many layers water is involved in all of our lives. Below a few words from our website describing the title.

In his eye-opening book, Tristan Gooley helps readers reconnect with nature by finding direction from the trees, stars, clouds, and more. Now, he turns his attention to our most abundant—yet perhaps least understood—resource, water. Learn how to find north using puddles, forecast the weather from waves, and appreciate all the lessons nature has to give.