A Day Of Display

August 11, 2021

A fun day of receiving in a quite large order of glassware resulted in an even more fun day of playing with said glassware in displays. This is one such display. Nothing like new merchandise to inspire the freshening up of a display. The new goods adding a bit of new excitement to the vignette. Gerrie, who has worked for me for many years, has moved away, but whenever she comes back to visit family, she squeezes in a bit of WK time, and I always tremendously appreciate the extra help. Plus she loves to polish silver! So a bunch of quite patina’d, ok, amazingly tarnished pieces got quite a bit of loving and look all shiny and new.

We fly out early today to New York for a few weeks at Hawthorne. Our August tradition. Can’t wait to see how everything has grown in since we were there in May. Lots of green posts in all sorts of forms coming your way… X, T