Not All Is Green At Hawthorne

August 17, 2021

When folks first see the guest bathroom, they ask, “But why is it not green?” The creative gentleman we bought the house from had installed the sweetest tile floor that is primarily white but has little blue medallions set about. They are the same blue as the walls. We really loved it all so it is the one room we did not change at all. Instead we filled it up with artwork and finds from over the years to also make it feel like a ‘room’ not just a bathroom. This is just a corner but it holds lots of things with meaning from over the years. My first purchase from John Derian’s shop on my first visit there now almost 30 years ago, the glass framed quail egg piece. Metal twigs given to me by artist Jeanine Payer when we were breaking down our booths when we did the San Francisco show and exhibited next to one another. The Mary Maguire original bird that was an anniversary gift to TPS a few years ago. Hermès towels picked up in France when we went to visit one of our manufacturers. The vintage English glass bottles from Red Chair in Hudson that we have been collecting for ages that hold the lily and geranium stems. A glimpse of a Clare Goddard collage piece whose work we have carried at WK for years. A favorite Molton Brown liquid hand soap in blue. All things that hold great meaning to us and when combined tell a visual story. When you fill up a home or room with meaningful finds, they almost always find a way of working out.