The Home Stretch

August 19, 2021

This Hawthorne stay is about fitting in a bit of August relaxation but mainly for me to fully concentrate on finishing up my next book. I am able to fully get in the zone here. The Hudson Valley air filled with creativity and it always seems to inspire me. I said to TPS last night over dinner that the last few days have been a bit like working on a puzzle. Fitting images in here and there. One won’t fit quite right so it gets moved to another spot. The next few days editing verbiage. This image is so sweet to me as Bailey stays right next to me the whole time. She did with book one and has the entire time for book two. Such incredible beings dogs are. She just knows what a comfort it is to me to have her by my side during this creative process. As it is with you all too. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement during this journey of creating a new book. I am so happy with how things are turning out and I think/hope you will be too! Sending much love, Ted