A Bunch Of Dahlias

September 3, 2021

Flower Friday about a bunch of white dahlias Abby picked up for me yesterday at the Market as she was leaving the 86 Pine shop and heading to our First & Spring location. I was starving for blooms in the apartment. Long story, but we had water damage about 4 months ago and our city home has been being worked on so all the furniture and artwork in the living room and entryway was in storage. All of our small objects, and we have loooooots of small objects have been in boxes & bags all over the rest of the apartment. All the work is now complete and everything has been brought back. Now the fun begins on putting it all back together. So a bunch of dahlias was in order. This post is really about how you can take one bundle of blooms and enjoy it all sorts of ways in other rooms instead of just in one spot. The single stem vase to the rescue! I actually did not even shoot all the spots where the flowers are placed as I had a business call with one of the artists we show at WK that I had at 8 this morning and then rushing off for busy shop days. But that single bunch of dahlias now lives all over the apartment. Even a bloom in the bathroom. I love flowers in the bathroom where you can look at it while you brush your teeth. Below a few of the spots where they are living. Plus one larger arrangement in the middle of the living room. Happy first Friday of September. Stay well. X, T