Arranging Our Nest

September 9, 2021

Home is incredibly important to both of us, as I know it is to so many of you. It comforts us in so many ways. We had water damage to our original 1929 parquet floors from a slow leaking pipe in the wall pictured about 4 months ago. Half of the flooring in the living room was ruined. A local company did a bang up job replicating it so you would never know what was original and what was new. The wall is partially new, as well. All the furniture and artwork needed to be moved out and all the little small things we packed up and they lived with us in other rooms. It was a unique few months of disruption during an already stressful time. Keeping it all in perspective was key. To say we are quite happy it is complete would be an understatement. The last few weeks have been about putting the nest back together and it feels so good. Things got polished. Things found new homes to live in the room. All the while giving immense thanks for it all. Each piece, be it big or small, has a history in our lives. Unpacking it brought back fond memories of when and where we found the item or piece of art. Home is so uniquely personal. For it all tells our story. We are letting it gives us a big hug and we are majorly hugging it right back.