A Profusion of Season Ending Scented Geraniums

September 17, 2021

Flower Friday about a bucket of scented geranium stems TPS cut back last week-end out on the island that traveled back with us to be enjoyed in the apartment. They loved the heat of the season this year and grew incredibly well. This is also an a bit of an experiment as this is the earliest that have ever been cut back. Many still had blooming flowers on them. The thought being that they might last longer after being cut. We shall see. For the moment just soaking up all their beauty. I put them all over the apartment so we could catch a glimpse of them at every turn. The big bundle by the elevator a personal favorite as so many of the stems still had the sweetest little blooms. Happy last official week-end of Summer. Soak it all in. Be that rain or shine. X, T2+B