Royall Lyme of Bermuda

October 7, 2021

Just In, a lovely assortment of Eau de Toilette sprays from the famed Royall Lyme of Bermuda company. Their iconic bottles so easy to spot among the masses. The scents sporty and heavenly with a big dose of prep all at once. Honored to have the line grace our shop shelves. Coming soon to our website. A bit of history on the company from their site.

The original packaging for Royall Family fragrances reveals Mr. Gaade’s desire to maintain the island of Bermuda as a central theme for his product. The handsome packaging is reminiscent of the Bermuda of old; the bottles are of semi-hand-made glass from original clay molds with antimonial pewter-colored lead crown caps. Molded on each bottle is a crown and lime cluster with the words “ROYALL LYME” and on the bottom of the bottle “ROYALL LYME LIMITED” Each bottle has the fragrance name and crown in raised glass on the back, with a stunning and distinctive colored label on the front, individually wrapped in fine parchment with a crown wax seal made with the same wax used by the Bank of England. Quality standards of care and attention to detail are found in every piece.

Mr. Gaade’s original vision persevered through the years, and is still maintained today. The essence and spirit of Bermuda, a sparkling jewel and garden paradise, reside in every Royall product. Mr.Gaade says, “In the Royall Family Fragrance, we believe we have a truly unique range of prestigious gentlemen’s toiletries and grooming aids directed to the discerning user and carrying the Bermuda message overseas.”