What I Am Reading Right Now

October 19, 2021

There is the sweetest little bookstore in the village of Chatham where we buy our books when we are at Hawthorne. They have such a great selection and the shop has such a great vibe that we both always walk away with a few new reads. Above, my two for this stay. Many times I won’t get through them all the way so I know they are waiting for me until next time. If I just can’t wait, I take it with me to Seattle. Stanley Tucci is a favorite, both in his acting career as well as for his love of food. This one I knew instantly would be for me. Truman Capote has always fascinated me, right along with all of his Swans. It was a very different era and it captures a time in New York that intrigues me. Long before social media as we know it today, yet this group was known the world over for their personal styles. One of my favorite evenings is we make supper and have it on the back porch with the fire going. After we finish the meal we spend the rest of the eve reading and chatting the night away.