Pike Place Market Love

November 11, 2021

Loving where you live is a gift. I absolutely know that, and realize that not everyone feels that way about the place they reside. A big part of my message in life is that we fully embrace where we live. It makes life so much fuller. More meaningful. From the dwelling you call home, to the neighborhood that surrounds it, to the town or city where they both are. Same goes for where you work. Take great joy in your surroundings. Yesterday was one of those days for me when I was presented a beautiful visual gift from the city and work place I love and hold so dear. Part of the day was errands and when I pulled up to drop things off at our 86 Pine Street shop, this is what greeted me in the Pike Place Market. A gorgeously moody sky with the ferry doing its thing. It was a moment to give great thanks, take a deep breathe, and just soak it all in.