A Platter Of Holiday

December 9, 2021

Some folks go all out when decorating their homes for the holidays, and I absolutely love that. But I also know many of you don’t at all, or do so in a small way. Which I also love. Just like there are so many ways to live a life, the same holds for decorating. Do what feels right for you. We fall about in the middle as so much of our energy goes into the shops, so in town flowers (white lilies and tulips) and flowering plants like paperwhites & amaryllis and topiaries become a large part of the festive decorating. Big silver platters of vintage mercury glass ornaments are called into action. As well as platters of pomanders along with cinnamon sticks and bowls of cloves. A big container of pine cones. Bowls of oranges and walnuts in the shell with a nutcracker next to it. Simple things really, but they instantly add a bit of holiday cheer to our home. Caretaker Bill gets us a live tree for Hawthorne so when we arrive Christmas night it is all set up and lit. In town, this year I found the most beautiful lifelike table sized artificial tree that was pre-lit that we have at the end of the dining table that we absolutely adore. We actually have not turned it off since I put it up the day after Thanksgiving. I used to be anti artificial trees until our friend Heather bought a pair of them for the shop windows last year that I absolutely fell in love with and then I changed my tune. The quality of the look and feel has gotten so much better. Plus, I am terrible at stringing lights. So if it is pre-lit, I am all in. Bottom line, decorate your home the way that makes you happy. It is not a competition. If it makes your heart sing, you are doing it right.