Moving Things Around

December 22, 2021

Last eve we spent time moving artwork around. Painting is by far one of the easiest ways to create a new look quickly. Coming in a close second is moving around your furniture and/or artwork. We still had a few pieces to hang plus we acquired a new one so we decided one wall needed almost a complete re-do. Sometimes you need to live with it for awhile to let your eye focus on what you like about a composition and what you don’t like. Then have at it! Same goes for the addition of a new lamp or accessory. The vintage alabaster lamp was a WK shop acquisition. The entry hall needed a larger piece to anchor the feel in the space. Adding it to the table meant rejiggering the artwork. An easy fix really. Plus, any time you move a piece of artwork, you see it differently. Your eye catches it at different angles and perspectives. Almost like it is new! Next up on the wish list is a vintage mirror for above the chair. Moving things around opened up a new space to fill. In my mind, always a good thing. Insert large smile. Happy Wednesday all!