Dancing Tulips

December 28, 2021

We had our big family dinner we host every year on Boxing Day. But our new tradition is to call it the ‘Day After Boxing Day Supper’ as it just made more sense for us to do it on that day, so we have an entire day to prepare for it, since we fly on Christmas and don’t arrive to the house until the evening. Caretaker Bill has the tree all set up for us and flowers picked up from my very favorite, Cedar Farm. I knew I wanted to do the tulips in vintage bottles we collect. Thought they would be fun under the window, by the sink in the kitchen for all those cooking to enjoy. As well as for the major clean-up happening today. I will post the menu and the table tomorrow. It was a memorable meal and evening to say the least. Hope everyone is enjoying your own traditions, be they small or large. Simple or grand. X, T