Perfectly Pink Windows

January 27, 2022

Our flight was delayed leaving Newark on Tuesday evening creating a later than usual arrival back to Seattle. But I was so excited to tackle the newly painted pink windows that all seemed like a distant memory by the time my wheels starting spinning with ideas. I have written often before, one thing usually is the impetus for a window. Above, it was the colorful Hugo Guinness original painting of flowers at the very top right that got things rolling. Oh, I failed to mention right out the gate, the walls Heather painted two shades of perfect pink were the basis for all this creativity. I love a blank canvas. Or I should say, a freshly painted blank canvas. She had texted me pink paint options when I was in New York, which I narrowed down to these two happy hues. She did her magic to get them in tip top shape so the moment I pulled up in front of the shop and got out of the car, my mind was racing with possibilities. We have been doing display together for close to 20 years. Often we don’t even speak, we just know what the other is thinking. We whipped these two windows into shape in less than a day, laughing and telling stories all along the way. The ‘How do I love thee?’ rolled sign that was a gift now many years ago the thing that steered us in the direction of the lower image. The feather heart the element that pulled it all together to make it a Valentine’s Day window.