A Full Day Of Display

March 1, 2022

Along with getting lots of ‘new, new, new’ goods in to freshen things up, very little beats a full day of display to waken up seeing vignettes in a different way. While display is fairly constant throughout the day, a whole concentrated 8 to 10 hours can give us time to move entire ‘stories’ which often means moving display units. Such is the case last Friday. We are getting in and selling more and more wine & bubbly. We outgrew the case it originally was planned for. Now we are having some of the bottles set about the First & Spring shop in smaller displays, which I think is quite fun and not really the norm on how folks buy wine. Example—we have a lovely red that has an owl on the label. Bottles of it now reside in our ‘bird’ section. It tickles me to walk by the display and see the grouping. I am always looking for ways to make things a bit ‘different’ which catches the eye and is not the norm. Right above and right below, is a large vintage shelving unit that I thought would be pretty perfect holding a large amount of our stock in one place. The extra space on it allows for cans of nuts, napkins, books, and glasses to be mixed in with the bottles. They are such fun days. Exhausting as well as invigorating. I always sleep quite well the night we finish the displays and can’t wait to get to the shop the next morning to look at things with fresh eyes.