Homemade Granola, Part Two

March 2, 2022

I wrote awhile back (February 2nd post) that I have started to make homemade granola. So many folks chimed in with variations. That is what I love most about cooking, that there are so many twist to a recipe, and ultimately you can make it your own. This Wine & Dine Wednesday about my latest batch. My best yet! Actually that is how I work best in the kitchen. Much like my tennis days, where you do the same task over and over, until you get it just right. So I will make a recipe over and over again until it is added into my repertoire. Or in this case, keep coming up with variations to the theme.

The basic recipe has stayed the same but Turkish figs, pecans, pepitas and sunflower seeds were used. I cut the fig into small pieces and are just spectacular. They caramelized in the cooking process which made them heavenly. The pecans adding another layer of sweetness. The pepitas and sunflower seeds adding the perfect bit of crunch. With granola, I often just eat it as a snack. Or with oat milk for breakfast. Mister Sive has it along with cut up fruit and yogurt. Enjoy!