Creative Book Signings

March 10, 2022

Creating a book is both an incredible honor and a unique journey. There is writing and photographing it. But that is only the start. Then you hope, hope, hope folks connect to the book and then the promotion and sales of it are the next leg of the journey. Truly, one of the coolest parts of social media is that you get to take those who would like to travel the journey along with you. My next book, Ted Kennedy Watson’s Guide To Stylish Entertaining, is an incredibly personal account of our many years of hosting suppers & parties at our homes. Working on a book which centers on entertaining while living through a pandemic where gathering for the most part was not in the cards, made the topic to me even more meaningful. Take something away you hold so near & dear, makes you examine and be even more grateful for past memories and future gatherings. Which I am excited to say, brings us to now. The book comes out August 9th. I am beginning to put together book signings. In addition to store book signings, I love the idea of house party signings. Gather a group of your pals at your home or club. Let’s make a party of it! How fun that would be. Part of a social club? I would love to come speak at your event. Own a shop or bookstore? Let’s come up with a cool concept for a signing. Either e-mail me at or DM me and we can talk specifics and get the ball rolling. I thank you so much in advance. {P.S. pre-ordering—where the book will be signed, wrapped and shipping will be complimentary is now available on the website.} Cheers to entertaining at home!