Feta & Olives & Herbs

March 16, 2022

Wine & Dine Wednesday not so much about a recipe as much as a little shortcut we use often when making fish. Mister Sive made salmon last night and used a dollop of it on the fish, and it was sublime. Feta and olives, such a great combination. But our little secret is we buy it at the grocery store from the area where they sell bulk olives. The mixture has just the right amount of herbs mixed in, which the cheese and olives marinate in along with olive oil. You could absolutely make this at home yourself, but I love the quickness of it. We eat a good amount of fish, and a shortcut on a weeknight after a busy day is mightily welcome. I add a few grinds of pepper from the mill to add a little extra heat. The mixture could not be easier or tastier. Also lovely on a cracker for a quick app with cocktails.