Celebrating The First Day Of Spring

March 22, 2022

Sunday we celebrated the first day of Spring with dear old friends out on the island along with lots of tulips, scented geraniums and a roast chicken. Our much loved Forest Garden Farm was our first stop off the ferry and tulips were top of my list. They had two varieties that were just so darn pretty I could not decide which I liked better, so we got both! The supper table getting the yellower of the two. The ottoman by the fire getting a creamier yellow variety that opened up the moment the heat filled up the room.

It was a misty rainy Pacific Northwest day. The car was packed with scented geraniums & herbs we had picked up at Swansons on Thursday eve. All of our pots were at the ready to be filled with their beauty. Along with our little herb garden we have in vintage buckets, also getting a refresh. Our large swath of willow stakes that have taken off like crazy these past few years got a major prune too. Mister Sive and Renee doing their magic. Some of the willows are over 20 feet tall. Watching them sway in the wind is quite something. Then it was time to enjoy a little catching up and get warm inside by the fire. A roast chicken atop a big pan of roasted root vegetables was on the menu. The flicker of all the votive candles along with the drumming of the rain on the metal roof our music for the eve, all setting just the right mood on that first night of Spring.