The Abstract Works by Genevieve Allen at WK

March 23, 2022

{Just In} Incredibly excited to add the beautiful abstract works of Vancouver B.C. artist Genevieve Allen to the Watson Kennedy original art mix. Now on our website and on the shop walls. Below, in her words, a bit about her and her process.

I use colour, form, and negative space to express emotion and beauty. I have always been fascinated by beautiful things: art, fashion, interiors, books, and gardens. Creating beauty, and actively seeking beauty in the everyday, is an act of love – it’s a way of bringing optimism into the world. It is resilient and life-affirming.

Colour is essential to my work and is the foundation of all of my paintings. I am interested in the interaction and relationship between colours. I strive to create exuberant, and joyful work, capturing a sense of movement and harmony. I want to let the shapes emerge organically.

My mediums are acrylic, graphite, and pastel on both paper and canvas. 

I live in North Vancouver, B.C, with my husband and our two dogs; Beatrice, a King Charles spaniel and Bernie, a rescue corgi from Korea.