A Beautiful Bowl Of Shells

April 19, 2022

This post is as much about a bowl of beautiful shells as it is a concept. A creative way of life. A creative way of looking at things. It is a daily way of doing tasks that ultimately can bring lots of joy—living very intentionally with beauty. And the very best part, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So ultimately it is up to you to decide what makes you happy in the visual world. You set the guidelines. Let’s get back to this bowl of shells. Now that Spring is here, we start living outside more & more when we are out on the island. The large deck above waters edge becomes an extension of the inside living room. So a big clean happens to get this ready as the rough windy & rainy months that have passed are tough on the outside of the house. In all the clean-up, the shells we collect get a nice wash too, as they live on the rails and dining table and in smaller bowls set here and there. Mister Sive cleaned them the other day and so beautifully arranged them in the big striped bowl until they are called into action in the coming months. When I rounded the corner and first caught sight of the bowl as it is, I was smitten. They were artfully arranged and completely spoke to me. We might not do anything with the shells for months, so it is so pleasing to see them in this way until we do use them in another way. They easily could have been tossed in the bowl without thought, but they were not. They were intentionally arrange. This is just a small example of a small task with to me, gives enjoyable visual impact. Now add that same thought to all the days projects, beauty starts surrounding you in all sorts of ways. I hope this all does not come across as silly or pretentious, but as a way of looking at things. I know so many of you already live in this way. The bowl of shells was a sweet reminder to me of the concept that we live by each day.