Asparagus Tartine

May 19, 2022

Well, that definition of a tartine pretty much sums up the one I enjoyed last night as my first course when we were having a date night out at our favorite local eatery, Local 111. It is about a 5 minute drive from Hawthorne, which is pretty amazing to have such a fine eatery so close to us in the country. Believe me, we thank our lucky stars often. Tartines are very French, but can absolutely be adapted to include just about anything you would like to put on them. They are hearty enough that they certainly could be a meal in and of itself. Asparagus is so fresh right now, it was the star of this tartine, as well as the farm fresh soft egg and mound of herbs. It was one of the better culinary things I have enjoyed in quite some time. My mind is racing with possibilities for other tartines. They can be especially lovely cut into smaller pieces and served with cocktails at gatherings, large or small.