Wild About Ferns

May 24, 2022

Ferns hold a very special place in our hearts. They have such a wispy delicate verdant vibe to them while still being incredibly hearty. Delicate while strong. WestWard has an incredible number and variety of them on our property that get prettier every year. Vashon Island is known for having an enormous variety of the green beauties. So when we started thinking about adding plants outside to what was already underway at Hawthorne, we knew ferns would find a home. Above, was a spot a few hydrangea just were not doing well in. The father/son duo who takes care of planting and looking after things for us offered to bring ferns from their garden. What an amazingly generous offer we jumped at as we knew they would be beautiful. They have grown into the space wonderfully. On the other side of the house we have the ferns that are below. We have literally watched them grow this stay. They were a few inches tall when we arrived and they are now over a foot and a half. We initially had these in pots for the memorial of David Sive, Ted’s father, now a good number of years ago. They dotted the room and were spectacular. I know he would have loved them. In his honor, we planted them afterwards. We both derive immense pleasure in looking at them and thinking of him. They will grow at least another foot in the coming weeks. Our fern love is showing as well as our love of varying shades of green in all forms.