As We Move Forward

May 31, 2022

This Amanda Gorman poem so beautifully captures my feelings of the shootings of the last few weeks. I have been struggling with the words to express the sorrow/anger/continued shock of these mass killings continuing to happen again and again in our country. One of the lovely things about writing this daily blog is over the years folks from around the world have started reading it and sending me kind messages along the way. Often someone from afar would chime in with how their country has dealt with similar situations to help reduce it happening again.

As she writes, “May we just not ache, but act.” Call our politicians, vote, donate, do whatever feels right for you. But we must act.

This has always been a platform for me to share beauty and love. I absolutely will continue to do so. But this is a problem in our country that we all need to work together to try and solve. Let’s take that love and make it work. “Thus while hate cannot be terminated, it can be transformed into a love that lets us live.”