Flying Peonies

June 3, 2022

Flower Friday about some first of the season well-traveled peonies. They were days away from opening at Hawthorne and we desperately did not want to miss their beauty. TPS clipped a bundle for me that joined us on our flight to Seattle where they got a fresh cut and within no time began to open. We arrived to the apartment around midnight and by morning a few started doing their dance. You can tell I was half asleep when I plopped them into the apothecary jar as they are by no means my best arranging. Oh well! Real life indeed. But oh so happy to have them gracing our dining table. We are having our niece Haley over for supper this eve and they will be a perfect addition. Stay well all. Find beauty in the small moments. So easy to let the heaviness of all the bad overwhelm. But we must not let it rob us of our joy. Sending tons of love, Ted