Avocado Toast

June 29, 2022

Wine & Dine Wednesday about something many of you might already make, or have ordered out at an eatery, but for those who have not, avocado toast is something you absolutely want to add to your repertoire.

Take a very ripe avocado and slice in half. Use a spoon and gently guide the half out of the skin. Place atop a piece of toast. I like using a fairly hearty bread so it does not get soggy. Take a fork and press down on the avocado so it spreads out covering the entire piece of toast. Sprinkle liberally with flaky salt. At this point it is perfectly yummy to eat just as it is.

Add a fried egg atop, my personal favorite, and you will be very happy you did. A meal all on its own. There are so many variations—radishes, smoked salmon, tuna, sliced tomato. Whatever sounds good to you, give it a try! Enjoy, enjoy.