Quintessence At Home With

July 13, 2022

As promised, just a tad delayed, as we don’t have WiFi out on the island and I knew this post would contain a good number of images. My little iPhone allows me to do an extraordinary amount of things, but large file images sent through the air can often be a challenge. Not impossible, just incredibly time consuming. And if you know me well, I value time tremendously. But that is a whole other post. Insert smile.

Quintessence At Home with video series by Stacey Bewkes & Susanna Salk has become a design lovers dream over the last 10 years. Their YouTube channel now getting more than a million views per month. They have shot over 100 videos around the globe. Tastemakers and designers homes where style is the driving factor. Large, small and everything in between, the unifying element is a deeply visual, deeply personal walk through their home and their lives. It is amazing what they can capture in their videos that are usually no longer than ten minutes.

We had the good fortune of having them with us for 3 days. They shot both The Gainsborough and WestWard as well as both shops. Incredibly honored that all will be featured. You might remember, they shot Hawthorne in 2015. The shows will air separately, each right before each book comes out. So this August and the other when the third book is released. They are a fun, creative, full of energy formidable duo. It was 3 action packed days. Here are some images I snapped along the way. I will give you a heads up as to when the first video drops in the coming weeks.