Pan Con Tomate & TKW Chat With The Washington Post

August 10, 2022

Wine & Dine Wednesday an incredibly simple but amazingly tasty treat, pan con tomate. A Spanish-style grilled bread with tomato. It uses 5 ingredients. As always, use the best you can get your hands on. I made it for us the other day out on the island where we had it with a tin of sardines, a hunk of cheese, radishes with chunky French salt along with an iced tea for a lunch.

Put your box grater in a bowl. Use the best tomato you can find. Grate it on the largest holes. The tomato skin with be the only thing left when you finish grating. Toss the skin. The bowl will be filled with glorious tomato goodness. Take all of that and run it through a sieve. You want to take out as much of the liquid as possible. Put what remains in a bowl and toss or drink the liquid. To the bowl add lots of flaky salt and extra virgin olive oil. Mix.

While that sits a bit, take two hearty slices of bread and grill in a pan on the stovetop in extra virgin olive oil. Once nice and golden, place them on a plate. Take half of a clove of garlic and rub all over the top of the warm bread. It is now ready for the tomato mixture. Spread over evenly. Then get ready to be very happy. Enjoy!

Just a heads up. Tomorrow morning at 11 Eastern time, 8 Seattle time, I will be answering entertaining question with Jura Koncius from The Washington Post. You can log in on the below link to follow along, asks questions and see what other folks are asking too. Will be fun!