A Country Supper

September 6, 2022

Our Hudson Valley old farmhouse continues to evolve over the close to 10 years we have owned it. Homes get more layered over time and that to me adds a richness that only time allows. More art is collected, you figure out the best flow for furniture, treasured objects are added or gifted. The collected whole begins to tell a more intimate story of the inhabitants.

Having guests and hosting suppers is pretty darn close to the top of the happiness meter for both of us. It is a time to show love, break bread, and catch up with family & friends, both old and new. At Hawthorne, that often means folks have traveled a ways to join us. Country life usually means a bit of a journey to your destination. So we are always more than pleased to cook and make drinks and do all the ‘hosting’ tasks necessary to make everyone feel welcomed. We kicked off our September stay the other eve with a supper and look forward to many more this stay.