24 Hours In Columbia County

September 12, 2022

Living in the country means you have a good geographical amount of land to cover to get from spot A to B. We live in Columbia County. There are spots all around the county we find of interest, so it can mean putting a good amount of miles on the car in a 24 hour period if we are busy. From Saturday evening to Sunday evening, we were quite busy and boy was it a heck of a lotta fun.

A friend hosted a supper at their glorious home that has a super old building on the property that they turned into a dining room of sorts. Being a guest means we got to meet all sorts of cool folks from all around Columbia County.

Sunday morning we were up and out to attend a vintage & artisan sale at the home of two designers that was held in the old barn on their property. One of the hosts is the gentleman in the yellow apron in the photo at the top. Then it was to Red Chair on Warren in Hudson for a spirited book signing that had a rosé tasting as part of the gathering.

Artist Julie Bowers Murphy whose work we sell at Watson Kennedy drove up from CT to surprise me at the signing, along with her sweet family. Below a lovely, lovely gift she brought me of caviar she had painted for me in honor of the new book about entertaining just coming out. Then it was back to the house with supper TPS picked up in Hudson for us at one of our favorite places. We had supper on the back porch listening to the crickets chirp away as we chatted about the swell 24 hours we just had.