A Tomato Sandwich Moment

September 21, 2022

I find it my culinary civic duty to write about tomato sandwiches at least once a year. If not more. Thought lunch yesterday qualified for a Wine & Dine Wednesday post. The winners this year in my mind for tomatoes have been the little guys. They pack in so much sweet flavor. We have a farm stand quite close to our house, just up the hill in the Hawthorne Valley. We have been buying their cherry tomatoes each week. Sublime in every way. Bartlett House, which is one of our favorite breakfast eateries, bakes this crazy good seeded loaf that makes perfect toast for my beloved open faced tomato sandwiches. Heavily salt the tomatoes to bring out their juices. Then a slather of mayo. Duke’s has been a favorite this Summer. Waaaaay more mayonnaise than you normally would use for, say, a turkey sandwich. But for a tomato sandwich, you just have to go for it. You just do. After that first bite, you know why.