A Kind Blooming Gesture

October 14, 2022

Flower Friday just the sweetest gesture at one of the book signing parties in New York. Forgot to write about this a few weeks ago and it is perfect for today. The above spectacular orchid was slipped right alongside one of my books when a stylish woman handed me a copy to sign. She said she wanted us to have some flowers in our hotel room. Oh how right she was! We always seek out blooms to have in our room, if even for a night. The flowers making the space come alive. We had been rushed by lots of errands and things when we first got to the city that flowers did not make it up to the to-do list. We enjoyed the orchid tremendously on our stay and then gently packed it for the car ride up the Taconic where we enjoyed it equally in our bedroom at Hawthorne. A mannerly and kind gesture that kept on giving. A happy & lovely October weekend to you all in your part of the world.