Always In Our Fridge

November 16, 2022

Wine & Dine Wednesday a little question posed to me while I was wrapping up a customers gifts last weekend. “What is always in your fridge?” Without a second of hesitation, I said Dijon mustard. It is my go-to for so many things I make. Adding it to a recipe adds a depth of flavor that often is not immediately definable as it can have many layers to it. Just last evening, I used it in two of the three things I made for supper. A vinaigrette with sliced shallots that I poured over green beans. As well as a marinade of soy sauce, sesame oil, hoisin sauce, extra virgin olive oil and lots of freshly ground black pepper. A big dollop of all 3 of the above pictured brought the whole thing together and created a thicker marinade that I cook salmon in. Once the dish is finished in the oven, I spoon the now hot sauce over the fish which is sitting atop a bed of jasmine rice. Mustard is always added to my egg salad as well as when I make tuna salad. A big slather of it on a sandwich that has mayo on it helps to balance the flavors. I reach for mustard time and time again for so many things when whipping up a meal.