Bailey Watson Sive

November 23, 2022

“How lucky I am to have to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Oh how right Poo was. Bailey Watson Sive November 21, 2005–November 22, 2022

“She will tell you when she is ready.” This was sage advice we were told by many this last month. A true Watson Sive who had a major love of food, when she decided to stop eating and drinking we knew she was telling us it was time. Bailey flew to the heavens yesterday, just a day after her 17th birthday. “Daddy I just wanted one more birthday!” This last year as a host of health challenges came her way, I would pet her and say, “Don’t worry Bug, Grandpa & Grandma Watson will be waiting to take care of you.” My parents adored dogs. People can believe all sorts of things, but the thought of this brings me great comfort.

She took one last ferry crossing to the island last eve. In her Sherpa bag which she adored, on her Burberry blanket next to her Lamb Chop, her favorite ball and a Bonne Maman jar filled with her star treats. We buried her alongside our beloved kitty Georgia O’Keefe and Japanese robin Matisse. Under the trees right above the water. It was one of her very favorite spots in the world. Over the years little birds would come up to the glass French doors of the house and look in when we were there. I would say to her, “Princess Bailey, they are here to see you.” As the birds seemed to sing louder when she was in residence.

So many of you got to know her over the years as she came to the shops with me/us every day. In her honor, we will be accepting canned dog food which we will donate to local pet food banks through the end of the year.

I grew up with big dogs and TPS none at all. So raising Bailey was a new experience for both of us. I knew it would be special, but it ended up being a million times more meaningful than I thought it would. Words are not coming to me easily this morning. But the main message I want to convey is, that little 11 pound being was filled with an infinite amount of love and joy. Both will stay with us always, in her memory. Bailey, your daddy’s will miss you more than you could ever imagine. X, T2