Making The Most Out Of A Cancelled Flight

December 26, 2022

With our flight to New York on Christmas morning cancelled, and the mad scramble to try and get re-booked, we decided to head to WestWard for a few days. Fingers crossed that our flight, now to Boston, on Wednesday is good to go. We packed up food (luckily we keep a well-stocked freezer) and headed over on the ferry. A quick stop at the Forest Garden Farm farm stand where we scored this willow wreath. It would be the starting point to the dining table. We were absolutely in ‘make lemonade out of lemons mode’ wanting to make the very best of things. We had to cancel our day after Boxing Day annual supper with family and a visit with dearest old friends on Wednesday. Both we were a bit crushed to have to miss. It is so important to us to focus on all the good in our lives and not dwell on the not good. We have just come off of a few of our sadder/most trying months in memory. So reveling in all the positive is paramount to both of us. I digress, this post is about the table! It is filled with many gifts and many good memories. The red, white & blue color theme a WestWard Americana nod, always. The wreath was laid flat and tickled me to no end as it has a sea creature vibe. Colvos Passage right out the door was quite active pulling it all together. A toasty fire and a few toasts and we were right where we were supposed to be.