Everything Is Coming Up Roses

January 28, 2023

Back from New York and hit the ground running. The windows were in need of a Valentine refresh. I pulled up in front of the First & Spring shop early Thursday morning to Heather turning the green painted walls pink. Then an idea that has been germinating in my head for awhile struck. Let’s have the windows be a field of flowers. Within moments, I was calling our friend Jeanne McKay Hartmann to see if the idea intrigued her. It did! 24 hours later she was doing her magic painting the day away up in the windows. People were stopping all day snapping photos and taking videos. I did not want to hinder Jeanne’s creative process so I did not mention I had envisioned roses. The second she started painting I was outside looking in clapping and smiling from ear to ear. Kismet. It is what I love most living a life filled with creative & thoughtful friendships. Making dreams realities. It was the perfect start to a new year filled with possibilities, and for the moment, where everything is coming up roses.