February 15, 2023

I woke up this morning after an incredibly full nights sleep, creatively energized. That following the night before where I slept 4 and a half hours and that was it. Wide awake. Today I am seeing much more clearly, where life’s little details are striking me, taking a few ‘snapshots’ of what is catching my eye around our apartment. Lately I’ve become a bit bored by social media. Not always, but enough that I started thinking what inspires me when I am scrolling through images. The little details are what grabs my attention. How people live endlessly fascinates me. Bedside tables, entry tables, dining tables, coffee tables, bookshelves—they tell a story all on their own. Heavily ‘curated’ (the overuse of that word can drive me crazy) rooms can be so contrived and ultimately really boring to me. I love seeing how people really live. Not the ‘perfect’ made up version. Hence, snapshots. Sometimes blurry, or under lit, or messy. They tend to get right to the heart of the matter. Real stuff that tells a story. In our case, they pretty much are going to have lots of stuff in them…

My goal is to take more snapshots. They are a lovely reminder of a moment in time. To be shared, or not. But ultimately they are a great reminder to you and your family of the life you live all along the way.