Snapshots of Carmel

March 8, 2023

After the book signings in San Francisco & Woodside finished up, we headed South to Carmel for one last signing on the trip. Plus a day+ to explore and soak in all the beauty the area has to offer. TPS had been when he was a kid and I had never been, but I had heard so much over the years of how spectacular and special Carmel is. Oh my, it most certainly did not disappoint. Wow, wow, wow, such a special place. The ocean, the flora, the homes, the shopping and restaurants—everything pretty darn dreamy. We have friends that live there plus a family friend, so we got to visit both in their homes, which always adds a particular loveliness to a trip. There really is little better than to break bread in someone’s home to make you feel part of a place. Here a few images I snapped along the way.