Potted Scented Geraniums

March 17, 2023

Flower Friday about one of my favorite times of the year when potted scented geraniums start showing up at one of my all-time favorite grocery stories, Bert’s in Madison Park. For weeks we will enjoy them at the apartment where I slip the little black plastic containers of gloriousness into vessels set here & there. On a rainy day, they absolutely bring in the sunshine. Then we take them out to WestWard where TPS will work his magic potting them up and they will flourish as the days grow longer. They will grow like crazy and will be the source of much flower happiness until October or even November. If we have a mild winter, they can actually come back the next year. But for now, I am savoring every moment of them brightening up spots in town. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and almost the official start of Spring! Have a lovely weekend. X, T