Peeled Asparagus

May 3, 2023

Let me start out by saying I loooooooooove asparagus. So when it is in season we look for as many ways to have it as possible. Often the really thick stalks are not available so I grab them anytime I see a bunch. All thicknesses are fabulous but there is just something extra hearty about the jumbo stems. Often the bottom part of the stem can be a bit rough on the thicker stems, so I like to take a vegetable peeler to them and take the green layer off. Plus it helps the stalk cook more evenly. Then they go onto a baking sheet and get slathered in the very best extra virgin olive oil possible. Then a sprinkling of chunky sea salt. Into a hot 400 degree oven and roast them up, being sure to shake the baking sheet every few minutes so the asparagus move around a bit and cook evenly. Super simple but absolute heaven this time of year.