The Clippings

May 12, 2023

Flower Friday about a bundle of clippings that got all pulled together to create a vase full of leafy bliss. TPS was cleaning up all the geraniums that got planted over the last few weeks. Two in particular were quite leggy, needing a good trim. He knows those stems are like gold to me. Within minutes of bringing inside I arranged them a bit and plunked them right into a Barbara Eigen vessel. They kept us quite happy throughout the weekend, then made their way into town where they have been gracing the dining table. Every time I round the corner and see them, they make me smile. Something that could easily have been discarded in the pruning process bringing quite a bit of joy.

Happy weekend everyone! Just a reminder, if you are in the Seattle area on Saturday, stop in for our annual Mother’s Day Open House, from 10 to 5. It would be so lovely to see you. X, Ted